The $60million Dollar sales script: Introduction

ales is the engine of any successful business. Knowing how to sell is arguably one of the best skills to have, but where do you start? In this episode we break down the introduction call between the agent and the lead.

Q&A: Life Lessons, Business Success, & AI implementations

CEO, Founder, and host of Businessbeatz Lawrence Mackey answers Questions from life lessons to future business implementations.

The $60Million Dollar Sales Script: Framework

For the first time ever, we are giving you a look at our script that has generated over 60million in sales to this day! Sales is the engine of any successful business. Knowing how to sell is arguably one of the best skills to have, but where do you start?

Accountability at Every Level: Leading with Responsibility in Business

Accountability and responsibility are the two most important verticals in any business. If you don't take accountability or responsibility when it is due be prepared for everything to fall over.

Master social media in 2024

Episode 39. Unlock the power of social media in 2024. In this video, we dive deep into the secrets behind social media algorithms and reveal how you can tailor your strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Discover the importance of posting consistency and learn how to keep your content fresh and relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
How to Know When To Kill Your Business.

How to Know When To Kill Your Business.

Episode 38: Knowing when to kill your business can be tough. Don't let your ego get in the way and allow the situation to get worse. know when to cut your losses and move on to the next venture.
Life is tough, Get a helmet.

Life is tough, Get a helmet.

Life can be tough, get a helmet and soldier on. Life doesn't play fair, and it doesn't have Favorite’s. Join us as we deep dive into how to navigate life when things start to shake.

Building a High Performing Team in 30 days !

In this episode we discuss strategies for transforming underperforming teams into highly productive ones within a tight 30-day timeframe. We explore the importance of assessing team dynamics, leveraging data-driven decision-making, setting standards, and maintaining a strong customer-centric focus.

Building Skills For Success: Developing High Income Skills

Discover the key to success through skill stacking. Learn how to prioritize and develop the right skills at the right time, ensuring efficient growth in both your business and personal life. Join us as we break down the importance of specificity, step-by-step iterations, and the art of execution. Uncover valuable insights to help you build a strong foundation for success.
Managing Your Money

Business Cashflow 101

Episode 34: Unlock financial stability in your business with crucial cash flow management insights in this indispensable episode! Discover robust strategies to navigate through financial planning, decision-making, and sustain your business amidst challenges and opportunities. Jump on over to our YouTube channel where you can see the full walkthrough of the excel spreadsheet or download it here ( and follow along while you listen.